There should be little doubt as to the finest trout stream. It flows through paper birches and fern; through flyfishinglodgepole pines and sagebrush; through the sounds of the drumming grouse and smells of a tamarack swamp. You drive there after work; you fly there every summer. It is where you caught your first trout, it’s where your children will catch theirs. It is your stream, and it’s the best trout stream in America.
Lawrence Sheehan

When it comes to cults, fly fishing isn’t much different than most. Simply put, this means that enough is never enough. With luck you can reach a pleasant level of mellow fanaticism and maybe even hold down a regular job at the plant. But there is a trout bum that lurks in every one of us and I think we all secretly know that a sparse little lean-to under the bridge, say on Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, is never more than a cast away.
Ed Engle

I told a lie the other day.  I said that I’d caught a “bunch” of trout.  What I should have said is that I caught a little trout that I named Bunch.  There, I’ve confessed and now I feel much better.

Jimmy Moore

Take Care Of Your Skin While Fishing

Many people already know that olive oil has its benefits when used as a cooking oil. It adds a different flavor and does not contain as much of the unhealthy fats found in animal fats, butter and other oils. However, how many know that olive oil can be applied directly to the skin as part of a beauty and health regimen? Olive oil from Juniper Desert has many benefits when it comes to skin care.

On its own, olive oil works as a moisturizer. Many people who use it apply it directly to the skin. However, some may combine it with honey in order to help lift the impurities in the skin that lead to blemishes such as acne and blackheads. Some even use it as an ingredient in facial and body scrubs to help soothe the skin as it is cleansed.

There are other ways olive oil can be incorporated into a daily routine. It can be used as a lubricant when shaving any part of the body. Furthermore, it works as an aftershave to soothe the skin. Olive oil may also be used to create other products many people use on a daily basis such as lip balm. Combining it with melted beeswax can create a lip balm that soothes and moisturizes chapped lips.

Olive oil and salt scrub can also be effective in fighting acne. A mixture of oil and water can help soothe the effects of sunburn. In fact, olive oil alone can actually help prevent sunburn from occurring. Using olive oil on the scalp also helps relieve a dry scalp and creates a moisturizing conditioner. Furthermore, those who have sensitive skin can use olive oil instead of cleansers that can easily irritate.

Mixing olive oil with sugar or salt can also create a spa grade exfoliant to remove dead skin while simultaneously moisturizing the skin. Alone it helps increase the skin’s elasticity to leave it toned. Of course, the face is not the only area it helps. Olive oil, honey, lemon juice and sugar can make a foot scrub to smooth and moisturize dry feet as well as the hands.

The Benefits Of Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is a short-term loan used by people who may not qualify for traditional financing. Most loans are for six months or one year. Borrowers are expected to find permanent financing when the loan term is over.  It is called a bridge loan because it serves as a bridge to financing until a permanent financing option is available.

Most people get the loans to help them make a payment on their mortgage and they use the remaining balance as a down payment on a new house. Bridge loans usually have high interest rates and they are often backed by collateral.  These loans are more expensive than conventional loans because they have less stringent qualifications. Some borrowers plan to sell their old house when they get a bridge loan. When they sell their old house, they use the money from the sale to pay off their bridge loan. The loans are usually used to purchase commercial real estate. Real estate investors are most likely to be approved for bridge loans because they have tenants who are paying their monthly mortgage payment.  It is easier to get financing if a borrower already has financing. Several people use bridge loans as a way to show other lending companies they can afford to pay another mortgage.

Bridge loan lenders usually do not put much weight on a person’s past financial history. Collateral and consistent loan payments can make up for previous credit mistakes. The terms of the loan usually last for six to eighteen months. Some lenders allow the loans to be extended for up to five years. When you apply for the loan, the lender will ask you why you are applying the loan. The lender will also want to inspect the property you want to purchase. The fees for fundingdatabase.com bridge loans vary by lender.